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Why Site.Pictures?

Reliable & Trusted

The most important thing when you upload your files to the Internet is how reliable is that service is, and how trustworthy is the service.

Here in Site.Pictures we maintain our file system integrity with very careful and high redundancy.

Apart from that, we have been known as a reliable online service provider since 2006.

Simple & Easy

Uploading, sharing and managing your images has never been easier with Site.Pictures.

In Site.Pictures you can create your own album, personalize your image privacy (like setting it to private or just let it publicly accessible), and many more. There are heaps of cool things you can do with your images in Site.Pictures.

Ultra Fast with CDN

Every time you upload your image to Site.Pictures, it will be copied to all our servers in all around the globe. This will ensure fastest content delivery to the end-user wherever they are accessing it from with lowest latency possible.

Scalable & Multi-servers

All of our servers are using distributed file system with iSCSI Storage.

Infinite amount of storage made possible.

FREE & will always be

We don’t and would never charge our users with a service fee.

We also not distinguishing our users with bunch of premium membership or packages, we treat all our users with same level and we love all of our users.

Linking Your Server with US?

We made Site.Pictures even more scalable by making link of servers possible.

Do you have free web resource? And would like to link your server to our image hosting network? It’s possible! We will assign where X = your server name initial at your preference, and we will distribute our load and give traffic to your server.

(Please find contact details at the bottom of this page.)

History of Site.Pictures

Launched on 6th of September 2015, with English and heaps of local languages available.

Site.Pictures is the successor of which launched earlier in 24th of September 2010. when it was still online.

Unlike it’s predecessor, Site.Pictures is revamped with major enhancements, such as responsive web design, membership feature, social sharing and integration, and many more.

All images on were seamlessly mounted to

Site.Pictures Contacts

Click here to contact us for any business inquiry or server link request.

You can also try contacting us through WhatsApp: +62-855-7467-7222.