Mac mini colocation

We host Mac computers in our data centers. Our most popular service is colocation for Mac minis. We have over 1,000 Mac minis currently in our data centers using our custom engineered cabinets.

Just $49.99/month (Save 10% by paying annually!)

3 ways to host a Mac mini











Mac mini price & technical specification, please see and tell us which Mac mini you want.

For the plan, we recommend 12 months Rent to Own plan at no additional cost or FREE interest (simply means after 12 months, Mac mini will be yours and you just need to pay colocation fee above.

For example if you buy Mac mini from us with $999.00, price is divided by 12 months:
$83.25 + $49.99 = $133.24/month for 12 times, and then just $49.99/month.

Mac mini 2015 Pricing

Our colocation plan includes:

  • UNLIMITED monthly transfer
  • 1 Gbps network port & bandwidth access
  • Redundant internal 10 Gbps network infrastructure (using Cisco 6509 switches)
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Peering with multiple Tier 1 backbone connections
  • (1) Public IPv4 address
  • Reverse DNS entry of your choice
  • /96 IPv6 address block (available upon request)
  • Network port graphs
  • Remote reboot control
  • Physically and electronically secured data center rackspace
  • Free and discounted software from our partners (more info)
  • World class 24×7 support with decades of Mac expertise
  • Free hands-on support during first shift business hours (7am to 5pm Central US)
  • Support for our open-source automation scripts (more info)
  • One on one consulting and interactive walk throughs (Done on scheduled basis)

Please eMail: contact<at> for questions & ordering.

Our design allows for efficient hosting of up to 140 Mac minis per cabinet. Within the past three years we have built out eight Mac mini colocation cabinets. The Mac minis sit within specially designed chassis allowing for organization while also sliding to provide easy access for hands-on support. The slots in the chassis are cataloged by specific location. Each slot is assigned a static IPv4 address, an IPv6 network, a user-controllable power outlet, and a 1Gbps network switch port. Additional IPv4 addresses are available at an additional cost. All network traffic is graphed and viewable in our customer portal.